[ic] UI and display of product images in UI::item edit page

Andrew Rich andrew at itdownunder.com.au
Thu Feb 17 11:04:02 EST 2005

> Hi 
> In the item edit page in the UI, there are a 'Product images' line 
> that displays image and thumb, IF the image names are SKU.gif and 
> SKU_b.gif. 
> I would like the <img src=...> to be the one of the table 
> products:image, but how ? 
> I have been looking on mv_metadata::products/extended, where there 
> (among other things) are following lines 
> --
>    <td><a href=\"javascript:mvpan_tripTab(2)\"><img border=0 
> id=item_img src=\"[var IMAGE_DIR]/items/[cgi item_id}.gif\"></a></td>
>    <td><a href=\"javascript:mvpan_tripTab(2)\"><img border=0 
> id=thumb_img src=\"[var IMAGE_DIR]/thumb/[cgi 
> item_id]_b.gif\"></A></td>
> -- 
> How can I replace [cgi item_id] with to get the products:image data 
> instead ? 
> I have tried different things, but I don't really know what the UI 
> knows and can evaluate at this point.. 
> - neils
> _______________________________________________


I found this under Tables,Products,Select any product SKU, Standard 
View,Included Form. 

<td class=clabel> Product images </td>
<td class=cdata> 

function get_images (sku) {
               var path = '[var IMAGE_DIR]';

               var el;
               var divit = document.getElementById('images_table');
               divit.style.display= 'none';
               el = document.getElementById('thumb_img');
               el.src = path + '/thumb/' + sku + '_b.gif'; 

               el = document.getElementById('item_img');
               el.src = path + '/items/' + sku + '.gif';
               divit.style.display= 'block';
   <table id=images_table>
       <tr class=rmarq>
            <td><a href="javascript:mvpan_tripTab(2)">[image src="[var 
IMAGE_DIR]/items/[cgi item_id]\"  extra=\"border=0 id=item_img\"]<a></td>
            <td><a href="javascript:mvpan_tripTab(2)">[image src="[var 
IMAGE_DIR]/thumb/[cgi item_id]_b\" extra=\"border=0 id=thumb_img\"]</a></td>

I also would like to change this but I am not good at this code yet. 


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