[ic] tax based on zip code?

Barry Treahy, Jr. Treahy at MMaz.com
Thu Feb 17 10:26:09 EST 2005

Greg wrote:

> Barry Treahy, Jr. wrote:
>> DB wrote:
>>> In Ohio, sales tax must now be charged at different rates depending 
>>> upon the location (zip code) of the customer. Has anyone done such a 
>>> thing or am I going to have to get my hands dirty (or pay someone 
>>> else to?) I'm running 5.2 with mysql.
>> I asked this question just weeks ago and the silence was irritating 
>> since someone has to had to have dealt with this already.
>> For teh data source, one of the least expensive solutions I've found 
>> is a product from the 'Sales Tax Clearinghouse' which provides 
>> monthly or quarterly updates of the tax tables in a fixed record 
>> format.  I've already created a table with the imported values and 
>> will be working on a tags that will validate the zip,state,city 
>> combinations when a ship-to or account is setup and another to pull 
>> the current rates at the time of ordering...  If you're interested in 
>> working together on this, contact me off-list...
>> Barry
> You can find a start to your project here with the use of levies:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2002-December/030083.html 
Hi Greg,

that solution is good for VAT or levies, but not for US State Sales 
Tax.  Few states have either no sales tax, or a monolithic sales tax 
(ie. Michigan at 6%) but rather compound rates that are based on the 
ship-to location which consists of taxes at the states, county and city 
level.  Where I'm located is a perfect example, we have all three yet 
just one-mile across the city line, they too have theirs, but their city 
rate is different, therefore, a different total sales tax rate.

With a tax table where you can lookup by zip code, you can at least 
obtain an almost precise hit on the rate (zip+4 would assure a precise 
rate, but most people don't know the +4 codes so I didn't go there).  In 
the case of the STC table I mentioned, there are almost 42,000 entries.  
As for Ohio, there are almost 1500 entires and though I don't see any 
with city taxes, their county taxes are all over the map which means 
that Toledo pays 7.25% while Columbus pays 6.75%, just as an example...



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