[ic] Download function (not downloading)

Martin Abell abellmt at spsp.net
Sat Feb 26 17:27:47 EST 2005

I'm hoping that someone experienced in setting up downloadable products 
will think of something I might be missing.

A customer wants to have downloadable audio (mp3) segments 
(self-improvement talks) available for purchase.  It seems to work fine 
on my demo catalog.  On the customer's catalog, all appears to be fine 
until you get to the receipt page and click the download button.  The 
log says "Not authorized for mp3001, 403".  (Both catalogs in the same 
environment, Interchange 4.8.1. The download folders exist and have the 
files and right permissions, and the products databases have the 
download flag set and the dl_location and dl_type populated.)

So I modified the deliver.html page to show the [session username] in 
the error log, and then to use the session username to retrieve the 
file_acl field from the userdb.  Then I get: "Not authorized for 
mp3001, User = mta, {'mp3001' => "1109951657",'SXW002' => 
"1094244702",} 403".  Since "mta" is the correct user, and "mp3001" is 
the correct sku, and the unix time is in the future, I don't know why 
the authorization doesn't go through.  (The other sku is a relic of 
earlier testing.)  I even compared the file_acl field contents for the 
two catalogs using hexadecimal to make sure no funny characters sneeked 
in.  Seems OK.

Any thoughts where to go next?

Martin Abell

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