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Mark Weaver mdw1982 at mdw1982.com
Sat Feb 26 21:11:26 EST 2005

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Mark Weaver (mdw1982 at mdw1982.com):
>>Hi All,
>>I'm sitting here at the moment writing procedure sheets for a client 
>>I've hooked up with Interchange, and as I got around to the bit about 
>>Order Processing a question came to mind.
>>Here's the scenario:
>>Assume the seller using Interchange is using Authorize.net to do online 
>>CC processing and is settling transactions upon approval.
>>A customer submits an order to Interchange. On this order there are 
>>multiple items. One of the items is currently out of stock, so the order 
>>processing person calls the customer and lets them know that one of 
>>their seven items is currently out of stock, would they like to 
>>backorder the item. answer: no... just send what you've got.
>>So, seller edits the order and removes the out of stock line item. Now, 
>>here's my question: after the order has been edited and the out of stock 
>>line item removed, the order processing person clicks on the "Update 
>>Order" button having of course changed the status of the order from 
>>pending to shipped, and entered the tracking number, does Interchange 
>>then contact Authorize.net cancel the previous transaction, and submit a 
>>new transaction for this customer?
> No. This is something which would require quite a bit of development
> to put in, and no one has bellied up to the bar to get it done.
> Most companies which have the volume to need this type of thing
> routinely use their own ERP or other systems to manage orders. Doing
> this would send Interchange to the ERP side, which we have resisted
> because it is a lot of work.
> If someone were to fund the work, then it would be done. The current
> functionality was due to projects given to me by clients, which is how
> most of these things seem to get done; not many other companies besides
> Perusion contribute their customizations to the core. This is
> understandable, because it is a lot of work to take a hacked function
> and make it generic enough for general use. But it would be nice if more
> of it was done.

Thank you Mike. that all makes a lot of sense and I appreciate your 
candor on the matter. Perhaps when I've become much more familiar with 
IC's tag system and how things get done I can start hacking away at 
something like this.

However, shortly after posting this message I tried an order edit in my 
test environment and received an error upon clicking the Update Order 
button. The error said something about a transaction number. Since its 
not trying to contact an authorize.net type payment gateway, what 
exactly is it doing that it would need such a number?

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