[ic] Intl Shipping. Tax by County.

Martin Abell (SpeedSpan) martin at speedspan.com
Thu Jan 6 17:21:43 EST 2005

I have two items I don't have time to work on and wonder if someone 
wants to consult on these.

The first is setting up a report of taxes a vendor owes by county.  
Ohio requires that taxes be collected and paid based on county.  The 
collection piece is a seperate issue, and one possibility is to tax all 
buyers at the highest rate (I think it's 8% in Cleveland).  The paying 
piece is the more critical.  I could do it but don't have time.  The 
transactions are in a mysql database and have the zip codes, and there 
is a mysql table of the tax rates by zip code (correlates to county) 
that I have put together.  It's simply a matter of writing a perl 
script to spit out (quarterly) all the counties that are owed, and how 

The second is assistance in setting up international shipping rates 
that are relatively accurate.  The customer thinks the current 
estimation (a simple step function with numbers derived many months ago 
from sources I no longer remember) is off too often.  I suppose UPS 
worldwide tables could be used, or maybe there is a query process that 
could be implemented.

Interchange 4.8 on Linux Apache.

Martin Abell

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