[ic] automatically adding incremented suffix based on item ordered

Scott A joscan at comcast.net
Sun Jan 9 19:43:48 EST 2005

Hello users

My problem: I need an ordered sku to be incremented +1 when a successful 
order is processed. The sku item is DLR and upon a successful order the 
sku would increment from  file products/dlr.autonumber using [counter 
etc/dlr.autonumber] so the result would be something linke DLR-1200 and 
the next ordered sku would be DLR-1201 etc.

I have products ordered inserted into the transcations:products-ordered 
database via log_transcation with [item][/item] tags. But whow do I add 
the incremented sku? I've looked at the accessories tag but could not  
figure out how to do an increment if its ordered.

Any help would be grateful


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