add interch user to siteadmin group was Re: [ic] ensim & interchange

Dominic Tey interchange at
Thu Jan 13 18:26:40 EST 2005

On 11 Jan 2005 at 10:25, Gary Norton wrote:

Thanks for the advice Gary,

> >Hi,
> >
> >I have installed interchange on an Ensim Pro for RHEL box and have 
> >not been able to get it to work.
> >
> >When tried from the browser it either time outs or give an error 
> >stating the the interchange daemon is busy or not available.
> >
> >Interchange was installed from root access.
> >
> >Almost there but not there yet :(
> >
> >Any pointers to how to set the ownership or permissions to get the 
> >link program to access Interchange?
> >
> >Thanks in advance,
> >
> >  
> >
> I have IC installed in /usr/local/interchange owned by root and the 
> catalogs installed in /home/virtual/#SITE_NAME#/catalogs/#IC_CAT#.
> The site admin should own files within the site, but the interchange 
> user is added to the site admins group.

How do I add the interchange user, interch to the site admins group. 
I have tried editing the /etc/group file manually but it doesn't seem 
to help. There should be some shell programme to do so. Any pointers?

> I could only get it to work with TLINK however. After a makecat change 
> the owner of /home/virtual/#SITE_NAME#/var/www/cgi-bin/#LINK_PROG# to 
> the site admin and set ownership to 755.

OK, will try to generate a tlink to replace the existing link program 
in the cgi-bin directory.

> Copy /var/www/html/interchange-5/* to 
> /home/virtual/#SITE_NAME#/var/www/html/interchange-5 and make the site 
> admin owner. If you don't do this step your admin interface will not 
> display properly.
> This has worked for me on with version of IC from 4.8-5.3 and with Ensim 
> 3.1-4.1.

Great to hear that someone has manage to do so, gives me confidence 
that it can be done :-)

> Good luck,
> Gary

Cheers, and thanks in advance,

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