[ic] Re: Turning off mv_no_session

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 14:42:15 EST 2005

> I'm currently using:
> ScratchDefault mv_no_session 1
> in my catalog.cfg, but I'd like to allow a user to turn it off in case
> they don't accept cookies.  I've tried adding ?mv_no_session=0 to the
> URL, but [area] links are still not generated with session ids.  Does
> anyone know how to turn off mv_no_session within a session?
> - Grant

Right, that's ScratchDefault not ValuesDefault.  mv_no_session can be
turned off by using:

[tmpn name="mv_no_session"][/tmpn]

The only thing is I don't want the spiders to find the page where that is set.

- Grant

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