[ic] Moving site from RedHat Linux to Yellow Dog Linux - GDBM problem

Janine Sisk janine at furfly.net
Tue Jul 12 21:43:38 EDT 2005

I'm moving an Interchange site from a Redhat server to a Mac Mini 
running Yellow Dog Linux.  I started out fine:
- install all the packages
- load database dump
- run makecat to make all the pieces, skipping the createdb step
- copy over files from document root and interchange root from old 

I ran into a problem right away;  the site was trying to open 
component.gdbm, which is not readable on the new system ("GDBM could 
not tie...").  The difference in processor, I suppose.  I saw that the 
file had not been updated since I first installed Interchange, since 
that table is in the database, so I deleted all the inactive GDBM files 
and got past that problem.  variable.gdbm and access.gdbm are still 
being used, however, so I am going to have to find some other way to 
fix them.

I know I can modify the RedHat version of the site and pull this data 
into the database, but I'd prefer to leave that copy of the site 
untouched for now.  Is there some way to copy over variable.txt and 
access.txt and have Interchange build new GDBM databases?  I tried 
Googling for GDBM but it doesn't appear to have any command-line 
commands that I can find, so I can't do it that way.  I'm not very 
experienced with Interchange (I'm the sys admin but I don't run the 
site) so if this is in the admin interface I just haven't found it yet.

Also, does anyone know if I'm going to have the same problem with the 
GPG keys?  (groan)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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