AW: [ic] Use one table for product descriptions in different languages

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at
Thu Jul 21 05:53:18 EDT 2005

Quoting Andreas Grau <agrau at>:
>Hello world \n;
>Stefan Hornburg wrote:
>>You don't need one table for each language. You can also put all your
>>translations in one table, e.g.
>   <snip>
> >
>>and then:
>>Database products MAP description de_DE products_i18n description_de
>>Database products MAP description fr_FR products_i18n description_fr
>I have tried this, but get a syntax on when trying to restart ic 5.3.1 saying:
>    standard config error: Incomplete parameter list for MAP.
>    In line 6 of the configuration file 'dbconf/mysql/products.mysql':
>I searched the docs for a description of MAP, but to no avail. Can 
>someone please point me in the right direction?

Andreas try this:

Database products MAP description de_DE products_i18n::description_de
Database products MAP description fr_FR products_i18n::description_fr

Please note:
1. The table products_i18n must exist
2. The table products_i18n must be accessible by Interchange.
3.  Note the added "::"

I'm using this MAP thingy successfully for a couple of my clients, so
you must be able to get it to work as well...

Good luck,


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