[ic] Did you know about Levies? (part of a series)

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Sun Jun 5 10:03:23 EDT 2005

> Most users who use Interchange for ecommerce have set up salestax and
> shipping. For many applications, that is all that is needed. But some
> countries, such as Canada, and some businesses, such as ticket agencies,
> have different needs.
> Did you know that the Interchange Levies facility is a way to coordinate
> and combine separate taxes and fees?
> Levies are a way of defining multiple additional product charging such
> as taxes, handling, fees, and shipping. If you use Levies, the normal
> salestax, shipping, and handling tags are ignored (even when you use the
> [assign] tag).

Fantastic, docs for levies were missing in current docs.

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