[ic] [table-editor] question set values

Michael ic at uc9.net
Sat Jun 11 13:15:09 EDT 2005

Hi all, I am using IC 5.2 on Debian

I need some help with the table editor tag

I have a table that has these fields
hosp,econtactn,doctor, and about 30 more

I have the table editor tag working just great, however, I want to set 
these fields to some other values besides what is already in the database. 
(In the db they are blank and I want to populate them.

I have a statment like this:
[value name='hosp' set=[sql-param hosp] hide=1]
[value name='econtactn' set=[sql-param econtactn] hide=1]
[value name='doctor' set=[sql-param doctor] hide=1]

That pulls the values I want from a sql table

Then I do something like this.

[table-editor auto-secure=1 table=child key="[cgi userid]"

<!-- I have tried both of the lines below but not at the same time -->
lookup_query.hosp="select hosp from tablename"
value.hosp=[value name = 'hosp']

Both  of them worked did not work ata ll.

Can anyone help me, I saw the defaultref in the ic doco, but I can't find 
an example of it.


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