[ic] What is libapache-mod-interchange?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 17:55:08 EDT 2005

> >> libapache-mod-interchange:
> >>
> >> Description: Integration of the Interchange link protocol with Apache
> >>   mod_interchange is designed to replace the vlink and tlink
> >> programs that  come with Interchange. The Interchange link protocol
> >> is implemented via  an Apache module which saves us the (small)
> >>  overhead of the execution  of a CGI program
> >>
> >> Is there a apache2 version of this? Is it still used? I'm not
> >> finding this with a  grep of the docs or google searches?
> >>
> > For Apache2, look at Interchange::Link with mod_perl
> >
> > Paul
> We are upgrading our production servers to RHEL-3 or CentOS. A fair number
> of interchange sites will be migrated in the process.
> We have been running mod_interchange for a year or so now and wish to
> maintain site URLs...
> Our problem is that most current linux distros ship with Apache 2.0x
> Prolonged searching high and low for Apache 1.3x rpm has been un-successful.
> Results suggest 1.3x is almost redundant.

If you upgrade to Gentoo Linux this problem will disappear.

> Given that mod_interchange does not work with Apache 2 ...
> 1. Will Interchange::Link be easy enough to implement so we can continue to
> use our existing mod_interchange style URLs?

It's very easy to implement.

> 2. Will we have to rebuild link programs for every store with makecat?

I think Interchange::Link replaces those link programs entirely.

I've been using Link.pm for a while now and it's very nice.  I
actually paid Mike to have version 1.0 built.

- Grant

> The best solution would be if mod_interchange would work with current
> apache. How many users on this list would contribute dollars toward having a
> mod_interchange2 version developed? (Kevin Walsh in several previous posts
> suggested he could do this) Is the on-line 'development contribution area'
> still setup? I am more than happy to kickstart contributions if we can get
> this going. An idea of how much will it cost to complete and timeline might
> ne helpful?
> Simon

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