[ic] What is libapache-mod-interchange?

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Sat Jun 18 17:29:26 EDT 2005

>> libapache-mod-interchange:
>> Description: Integration of the Interchange link protocol with Apache
>>   mod_interchange is designed to replace the vlink and tlink
>> programs that  come with Interchange. The Interchange link protocol
>> is implemented via  an Apache module which saves us the (small)
>>  overhead of the execution  of a CGI program
>> Is there a apache2 version of this? Is it still used? I'm not
>> finding this with a  grep of the docs or google searches?
> For Apache2, look at Interchange::Link with mod_perl
> Paul

We are upgrading our production servers to RHEL-3 or CentOS. A fair number 
of interchange sites will be migrated in the process.
We have been running mod_interchange for a year or so now and wish to 
maintain site URLs...

Our problem is that most current linux distros ship with Apache 2.0x
Prolonged searching high and low for Apache 1.3x rpm has been un-successful. 
Results suggest 1.3x is almost redundant.

Given that mod_interchange does not work with Apache 2 ...

1. Will Interchange::Link be easy enough to implement so we can continue to 
use our existing mod_interchange style URLs?

2. Will we have to rebuild link programs for every store with makecat?

The best solution would be if mod_interchange would work with current 
apache. How many users on this list would contribute dollars toward having a 
mod_interchange2 version developed? (Kevin Walsh in several previous posts 
suggested he could do this) Is the on-line 'development contribution area' 
still setup? I am more than happy to kickstart contributions if we can get 
this going. An idea of how much will it cost to complete and timeline might 
ne helpful?


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