[ic] Payment module problems

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Wed Jun 22 05:02:47 EDT 2005

Jamie Neil wrote:
> Daniel Browning wrote:
>> * Jamie Neil <jamie at versado.net> [2005-06-17 02:36]:
>>> We've recently moved a fairly busy catalog to a new dedicated server, 
>>> and we've started to see payment module errors (resulting in 
>>> duplicate charges) several times a day.
>>> New server is running IC 5.2 on Debian 3.1 (Sarge) - (local) perl 
>>> 5.8.7, apache 2.0.54 (no mod_perl) and a 2.6 SMP kernel on a single 
>>> Xeon processor (Hyperthreaded).
>>> Each time the error occurs, the debug logging that's been set up 
>>> shows a "500 read error" from LWP, so IC thinks the payment has 
>>> failed when in fact it has gone through sucessfully.
>> Mike has added a "use_wget" option recently to work around this very 
>> problem. 
> Thanks - nice to know that this is a know problems :)
> Neither setting PERL_SIGNALS to unsafe nor running in RPC mode have 
> fixed this problem, so I'll have a go at patching my Payment code.

Patched and apparently working OK - fingers crossed.

Apart from patching Payment.pm, the only other change required was to 
create the "wget" directory in <catalog root>/tmp/ - the Payment module 
doesn't do this automatically.

Thanks again for the pointer.

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