[ic] Times_Ordered and Best Sellers

Andrew Rich andrew at itdownunder.com.au
Wed Mar 9 04:34:13 EST 2005

Hi All

I am working on improving our best seller component.

Currently there is a build_related admin page.

Firstly, I believe I can copy to catalog/pages/admin and modify for the
specific catalog or there is an area for common custom mods.  Can
someone indicate that for me.

Secondly, when I execute this IC builds the data from all orders still
in the system.  This has become a problem as some obsolete products sold
very well and there new versions haven't sold enough copies to be Best
Sellers yet!

So how do I change this to work in either a "number of days" or from
order number.

This is the related code from build_related

[perl tables="__UI_META_TABLE__ orderline merchandising"]
        my $db = $Db{orderline};
        return "NO ORDERLINE table???!" if ! $db;
        my $start = tag_data( qw/__UI_META_TABLE__ lookup_exclude
orderline/ );

        my $query = "select code,order_number,sku,username from
orderline ";
        if($start) {
                $query .= " where order_number > '$start'";
        else {
                %sku = ();

What does this code do and how do I set it?  tag_data(
qw/__UI_META_TABLE__ lookup_exclude orderline/ );

Thank you to anyone which responds.

Andrew Rich

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