[ic] Regret

Matt Johnson nowforevermine at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 06:00:38 EST 2005

Developers of IC and to whom this may concern,

I regret sending that message.  Though as my first impression may have
been a bit large-headed, I apologize for saying those things about IC
and the developers.  I was merely frustrated that there were no "out
of the box e-commerce" software to implement into an already designed
site.  Almost like a shopping cart.  Though my client insisted on
using free open-source software, I tried to encourage otherwise.

As far as organization and visual appeal goes.  Its quite obvious none
of you care about that? Considering this 1998's version of a forum. 
What is the actual purpose of this mailing list, that a free open
source software like phpbb, or invisionboard (to name a few) couldnt
possible handle?  Not to mention a ton more features at your finger
tips.  I am just confused on that.  But whatever.

Again - some of you have my true personality quite inverted.  But I do
not blame you.

My apologies.


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