[ic] Regret

Matt Johnson nowforevermine at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 07:09:54 EST 2005

> Again, what am I missing? Don't you really know the purpose of a mailing
> list? I have to agree that Jeff had a point in his last message
> (http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2005-March/042612.html).
> You where probably jut an egg cell at that time when the rest of us
> where using mailing lists. ;-)

He was saying that I was immature, not that I was an "egg cell"

And that is my point, why are you using a "mailing list"  concept that
is 15 years old, when there are things like http://www.phpbb.com/ (AKA

To lay out what a "Forum" is for the uninformed - A forum is an open
discussion or a series of ideas.

>  > Not to mention a ton more features at your finger
> > tips.  I am just confused on that.  But whatever.
> What features are you missing? I can't think of anything that is missing
> from Interchange... What you can't do with Interchange, the you probably
> won't need it.. :-)

I was talking about the features that  come with a forum.  That a
mailing list couldnt possibly have.  Ever.

> > Again - some of you have my true personality quite inverted.  But I do
> > not blame you.
> PFY?

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