[ic] Getting Worldpay Callback to trigger IC?

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Thu Mar 17 18:34:35 EST 2005

> > For myself, I consider Worldpay to be such poor value that it
> is simply not
> > worth putting in the serious time required to achieve a "proper" system.
> > Either use this kludge as is, or get a proper merchant account.
> >
> >
> > >> Coupled to this, with WorldPay, you need to hand inspect
> each payment on
> > >> WorldPay anyway as their fraud prevention is so poor, so you are not
> > gaining
> > >> a huge amount anyway.
> >
> > Agreed - they like to give the impression that they will take
> care of the
> > merchant (ie, their customers), that you can get a WP account without
> > a normal merchant account, and that they are generally better than
> > any other option. None of this is true. Plus they legally
> consider all of
> > your customers to be their customers as soon as a transaction has been
> > made, and they will feel free to contact them directly.
> >

> I have used Worldpay for a year now and I don't have a problem
> with them, I
> haven't tried any other systems to compare but they seem ok to me.

I wrote a few paragraphs on how poor the fraud screening is in WorldPay but
have decided that publishing it would be bad for those merchants who still
use it.

I shall just say here that if you are in an industry where there is a good
chance of fraud then look for another system.

Further to Lyn's comments about WorldPay in general, I consider the
arrogance extends beyond WorldPay itself and into the merchant services of
Natwest / RBS, the high-street bank which owns it. They will steer you in
the direction of WorldPay rather than their merchant services if you do
internet transactions at all, and having been a Natwest business customer
for many years I was astounded by the abysmal rates they offered and their
refusal to negotiate them even though they could see exactly the transaction
volumes and sums involved. This is in contrast to Barclays and HSBC which
offered significantly better rates from the start - even though I have never
had an HSBC account.

We now use Barclays Merchant Services and ePDQ. Interchange payment module
available if anyone wants it.


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