[ic] FedExShipManager Multiple Calls... weird

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Sun Mar 20 23:28:04 EST 2005

> Working with the FedExShipManager and fedex_sm_price.tag usertag.
> Want to replace the table lookup with the live call to the FedEx server.
> I have FedEx account and things are basically working.
> fedex_sm_price.tag
> is in correct directory and I'm able to retrieve rate information from
> FedEx.
> With Debug turned on and looking close at the results to see how things
> compare rate wise I noticed that for the shipping methods in
> shipping.asc
> that use fedex_sm_price that it sometimes calls the usertag
> fedex-sm-price
> multiple times !!  And the weird part is this happens the second time I
> invoke the usertag via a page load. Let me clarify.  If I set the mode
> in
> the checkout page to use the fedex UPS style table lookup a couple
> of times and then change the mode in the checkout page back to
> use the fedex-sm-price tag it works and issues only the single call to
> fedex-sm-price
> but every time after the initial call it makes exactly 4 calls to
> fedex-sm-price usertag.
> Any thoughts ??  I've debugged all over and can't figure out why this
> is happening.  I seem to get the correct price information back from the
> FedEx server but what a lot of excess traffic and slower response time.
> Jon

    Loaded it onto a different server and it doesn't appear to exhibit the
repeat calls.
Must be my development box... oh well it is old IC 4.8.

    For anyone that has used this tag any idea why fedex_sm_price returns
the base
shipping rate (code 1416) as opposed to returning base code + surcharges
(code 1419) ?
I would have expected 1419 to get a complete price.


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