[ic] Working with VAT inclusive prices

Steve interchange at bojanglesdesign.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 12:34:27 EST 2005

on 23/3/05 5:05 pm, Stephen Ricketts wrote:

> on 23/3/05 10:04 am, Jonathan Clark wrote:
>>>>>> If so, could Jamie expand on how his system works with the
>>> CommonAdjust
>>>>>> tags? I haven't used CommonAdjust before, but thought it was
>>> for quantity
>>>>>> pricing?
>>>>> catalog.cfg
>>>>> -----------
>>>>> ...
>>>>> include etc/subtax.tag
>>>>> ...
>>>>> CommonAdjust <<EOF
>>>>>  :price:,
>>>>>  ;$,
>>>>>  [subtax]
>>>>> EOF
>>>>> ...
>>>>> etc/subtax.tag
>>>>> --------------
>>>>> UserTag subtax              Routine   <<EOR
>>>>> sub {
>>>>> my $price = $s;
>>>>> $price = $price/1.175;
>>>>> return $price-$s;
>>>>> }
>>>>> EOR
>>>>> If I was to do this now (having more IC experience), I would probably:
>>>>> 1) Use the "& CODE" rule form rather than a usertag.
>>>>> 2) Make the tax deduction according to the value of the tax_category &
>>>>> nontaxable fields.
>>>>> However despite being ugly it does work.
>>>> Thanks Jamie, that looks like a great backup if I can't get the new
>>>> 'TaxInclusive' working properly. I'll post out what I find in
>>> the next day
>>>> or two.
>>> I spent a long time playing with Interchange trying to get VAT to
>>> work correctly
>>> without rounding errors, in the end I concluded the only way to do things
>>> properly was store the ex VAT prices in the database with 5
>>> decimal places and
>>> use my own calculations to assign VAT. Every other way caused
>>> rounding errors.
>> This was one of the main reasons that TaxInclusive feature was added. Prices
>> are stored inclusive of VAT and so never display wrong :-)
>> Jonathan.
> I have just installed IC 5.3 and have it working with my old catalog. The
> new 'TaxInclusive' directive works an absolute dream!!!!
> Calculating how much tax there already is in the [subtotal] is done
> automatically and that amount is displayed with the usual [salestax] tag and
> then not added to [total-cost].
> Steve

I've just realised that with 'TaxInclusive' switched on, the [total-cost] is
now exactly the same whether the user should being paying tax or not.

e.g. I have tax (VAT) set up for the countries in the EU, so shouldn't the
sales tax that is already in the product prices be deducted from the
[total-cost] for anyone outside the EU? At the moment their [salestax] shows
as '0' although it is still in all the prices.

I've got a feeling that I'm missing something again here??

Any help would be appreciated.


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