[ic] Secure server - we're sorry, the Interchange server is, unavailable...

Peter N. interchange at framework.ws
Mon Mar 28 09:38:26 EST 2005

>> I just set up a 5.2 Foundation catalog.  Everything works fine, except
>> when I set SECURE_ENABLE to 1 in variable.txt, I can no longer checkout.
>> As soon as I try to hit the catalog via https, I get the "server is
>> unavailable" error.
>> The regular (non-IC) pages on the site work fine via http and https, and
>> the catalog works fine via http. I've verified that permissions are
>> identical to all of my other IC 5.2 catalogs (755, owned by catalog
>> user, using suexec), and and I don't see anything relevant in the apache
>> or IC log files.
> What is your SECURE_SERVER variable set to? Look carefully at the URL of
> the page you're trying to load when the error occurs.

The URL is correct, because all I need to do is click on the non-working 
secure URL, remove the "s" from https, and it works fine.  I have 
verified that other CGI scripts work fine both in HTTPS and HTTP.

Any other ideas?



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