[ic] discount by payment method not working

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Wed May 4 10:15:18 EDT 2005

Hi list, I have the following problem.

I am using this in my checkout.html

[if value mv_order_profile eq credit_card]
Targeta de Credito descuento del: 50%
[discount ENTIRE_ORDER]$s * .5[/discount]
[if value mv_order_profile eq online_check]
Cheque descuento del: 60%
[discount ENTIRE_ORDER]$s * .6[/discount]
[if value mv_order_profile eq purchase_order]
Orden de compra descuento del: 70%
[discount ENTIRE_ORDER]$s * .7[/discount]
[if value mv_order_profile eq postal]
Postal descuento del 80%
[discount ENTIRE_ORDER]$s * .8[/discount]

In order to submit it I am using this:

in include/checkout/payment_select:
<SELECT NAME="mv_order_profile" onChange=this.order.submit() >

The main problem is I have to reload two times in order for the discount to 
The variables are ok, but the shpping kart on the top of the page is 

Can any one help me with that?

It kind of urgent please some insight into it will be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Castro

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