[ic] authorize.net CC processing

Mark Weaver mdw1982 at mdw1982.com
Sat May 7 21:15:44 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm in somewhat of a quandry not knowing at the moment whether I'm 
coming or going and hoping someone can help me sort this out.

I have an installation of IC 5.2 running, (vital stats below), that even 
though the settings are as correct as I understand them they can be, 
still the pre-auth and transaction settlement is not happening correctly.

It is supposed to be doing a pre-auth at order placement and settling 
the transaction when order status is updated from pending to shipped. 
This all appears to be very confusing since the settings within 
interchange that make this happen are already set to cause IC to perform 
this way.

It came to my attention on Thursday evening when I spoke my contact with 
this client that the Authorize.net account was intially setup with SIM, 
when in fact it probably should have been setup using AIM. The client 
made a phone call to authorize.net to see about getting this changed. 
They flatly refused to change this setting and instead said we would 
have to fix this on our end inside interchange. To my knowledge 
Interchange isn't broken so I'm at somewhat of a loss as just *what* to fix.

over the last two days I've done a fair amount of searching and reading 
of the list's archives and found a rather old post by Mike Heins 
speaking to a similar thing with the Authorize.pm which seems to suggest 
changing the mapping for "settle" from AUTH_ONLY to PRIOR_AUTH_ONLY. The 
mapping in this module appears like this:

my %type_map = (
             AUTH_ONLY               =>  'AUTH_ONLY',
             CAPTURE_ONLY            =>  'CAPTURE_ONLY',
             CREDIT                  =>  'CREDIT',
             VOID                    =>  'VOID',
             auth                    =>  'AUTH_ONLY',
             authorize               =>  'AUTH_ONLY',
             mauthcapture            =>  'AUTH_CAPTURE',
             mauthonly               =>  'AUTH_ONLY',
             return                  =>  'CREDIT',
             settle_prior            =>  'PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE',
             sale                    =>  'AUTH_CAPTURE',
             settle                  =>  'CAPTURE_ONLY',
             void                    =>  'VOID',

What we want IC to do is to do a pre-auth when the order is placed and 
then settle the transaction when the order status is changed from 
pending to shipped. Can this be accomplished when using SIM with 
Authorize.net? If so, what do I do next?

the variable SETTLE_TRANSACTION is currently set to "1".


IC 5.2
catalog base: foundation
RedHat EL 4 WS
PERL 5.8.6 non-threaded
Authorize.net (SIM)

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