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      Market Insider Report - FNPL Is On The Move!

This Weeks Hot Pick Is FNPL. With a 52wk high of 1.50
it is sitting at .52 at the moment and expected to explode
over the next 2 weeks with huge promotions and a booming
market for the company and great news. This is a real
company with real clients and revenue! FNPL is a proven
company that is making a major impact to cut costs for
builders and create faster projects. Construction had
a 12% gain last month. This is a exploding industry
and FNPL is leading the way as a major provider. Don't
miss this one. They will have more exciting news coming
out in the future and this one can move very quickly
very fast. Below is the detailed information:


Company:First National Panel
52Wk High:1.50
Estimated 3-5 Day target:1.50


Detailed Information About The Company:

First National Panel Acquires Pre-Cast Manufacturer
SAINT PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 2005
First National Panel Company, Inc., a pre-cast
concrete building supply manufacturer, is pleased
to announce that it has acquired Engineered Panel
Systems, Inc. (EPS), a leading commercial pre-cast
concrete manufacturer. A mainstay in the commercial
building industry for more than 2 decades, EPS supplies
architectural wall panels, pre-cast concrete and light
gauge steel frames. The EPS pre-cast panel is an
industry proven building product.

The EPS Pre-cast Wall System was developed to provide
builders with lower labor costs and faster construction
times. The wide variety of colors and finishes available
further enhance design flexibility and options. EPS is
committed to delivering superior levels of product
quality and total customer satisfaction. FNPL will
incorporate their unique concrete mix into the EPS
Pre-cast Forms Wall System. This will create stronger,
lower weight commercial pre-cast concrete panels that
will be easier to work with, lower product costs and
speed construction times. 

Additionally, the Company announced that it has purchased
a Lindstrom, Minnesota-based concrete manufacturing plant.
The Lindstrom manufacturing facility is a fully equipped
plant set up to produce pre-cast concrete panels. EPS
will utilize the plant to produce its products, and this
facility will serve as the base of FNPL operations. 

"With this location, First National Panel is set to focus
corporate expansion in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and
North Dakota. Targeting expansion in Minnesota and
surrounding states will provide additional savings in
shipping costs," stated Ricci D. Null, the Company's
Founder and President. 

FNPL is also launching an aggressive sales and marketing
campaign designed to make developers, builders, engineers
and architects in its region aware of the cost savings,
design flexibilities, strength and long lasting properties
of its pre-cast concrete products. 


Company:First National Panel
52Wk High:1.50
Estimated 3-5 Day target:1.50


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