[ic] Items bundles - multiple items in 1 sku

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Mon Nov 7 14:24:11 EST 2005

Hi all

I've been playing around with items options and matrix, 
looked in the mailing list and I can't seem to find exactly 
how to make item bundles.

I want to be able to create lets say ITEMGROUP1, which could 
include ITEM1, ITEM2, ITEM3 etc. with their own respective 

As for a Demo example, that would be sorta like this:

Category "Bundles":
   --->Product SKU-XXXXX
          which includes
          --->1 steelhead hammer (SKU-YYYYY) (from Handtools)
          --->3 boxes of galvanized nails (SKUZZZZ-GAL) (From Hardware)
          --->1 Beige Trim Paintbrush (SKU-WWWW-BEI) (From Painting

The items can show as seperate items in the cart/checkout, that's no
I just want to be able to suggest ready bundles to the customers so that
if they 
hit "buy", all items are sent into the cart.

I've got ideas on how to do it, but I think I may be making this way too

complicated in my head. What's the best way to do this?

Thank you all
  Martin H.

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