[ic] mod_interchange and Apache MaxClients

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Tue Nov 22 02:28:05 EST 2005

John1 [list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk] wrote:
> Kevin, I am rather hoping that you may be able to spot a reason why
> mod_interchange may not be coping well with these POST requests to the
> non-existent xmlrpc.php page?  Thank you everyone for your continued help
> on trying to solve this one - hopefully we are getting closer...
I'm still not entirely sure that mod_interchange is being tripped up
by this.  Something certainly is, that's for sure, so I can't rule it
out just yet.  I didn't hear back about whether the same problem occurs
when using the cgi-bin executables.

Thanks for posting the packet data.  I'll use that to try to recreate
the problem locally.  I imagine I'll have to throttle the link and/or
fire truck-loads of simultaneous requests to get the problem to show
itself.  If the problem can be recreated on demand then it can be found
and fixed.  I have an old P200 that I use for performance tests.  Test
time differences are amplified massively when running Interchange on a
P200 with 128MB of memory. :-)

My previous tests centred around GET requests, so POST requests might
be more useful.  Mod_interchange doesn't really know the difference
between the two, but more work is done on the Interchange side when
a POST comes in - adding to the load.

If I find the culprit then I'll make the appropriate changes in
mod_interchange and/or Interchange itself.  Talking of culprits, you
have the kiddie's IP address, so I'm assuming you'll be emailing a huge
slap via his ISP.

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