[ic] How to tell IC to use non-local mysql

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Oct 13 16:41:54 EDT 2005

>> I am considering buying a second server to handle the mysql functions
>> for my IC 5.2 store. How exactly would I tell IC to look on another
>> server for the mysql database that currently is installed locally?  I
>> did not see much in the archives as far as specifics - is there a howto?
> After you migrate your database to the new server, just change your DSN. 
> That varies by database, but will look something like:
>     dbi:mysql:database=yourdbname;host=db.host.name
> Your DSN is probably set in catalog.cfg or products/variable.txt.
> You'll need to restart Interchange. It's probably a good idea to change 
> your password on the old database or turn off the MySQL server altogether 
> if you can, to make certain you're not accidentally still connecting to 
> it.
> Jon

Ok thanks guys! Now that I know what to search for I'm finding what I
need in the docs :)


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