[ic] Storing variable database in SQL database

Greg Hanson greg at valuemedia.com
Fri Sep 2 12:49:05 EDT 2005

Tim Nelson wrote:

> The tables I want to reload on reconfig are read-only and are imported
> from another system.  I consider them static tables that are never
> written to by Interchange.  The basic idea is that I can bring over
> the text files in the middle of the night and force a reconfig.  That
> way any new data from the other system appears the next morning. 
> Nothing in the docs imply that the <table>.sql is auto-generated by
> the import event...
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You could easily set up a script to bring in the new data at night,
replace whichever .txt files you are going to replace, and remove the
related .sql files.  The tables would then be recreated with the new
data whenever they were accessed next. 

The tables are auto-generated from the .txt file if there is no .sql
file present and the table is properly defined in the configuration and
the .txt file is present.

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