[ic] RobotLimit lockout exclusion for custom admins

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Sat Apr 1 15:27:22 EST 2006

Hello List

Using the latest and greatest IC, as always.

I have some custom Admins that I would like to not be affected by
RobotLimit. In Dispatch.pm I see this:

   and ! $Vend::admin

Which is one of the gates for before calling do_lockout(). From
hole-patching changes, I take it that it is more difficult to set this:



I wonder if there should be a more "loose" way to bypass RobotLimit to allow
for certain pages, or directories to be used intensively, by some, or
certain users.
I wonder is simply setting and checking a scratch var might suffice. 

   and ! $Scratch-{RobotLimit_bypass}

I was going to ask what the best way to set $Vend::admin, but in thinking,
it might be useful to bypass Robotlimit, and still not have $Vend::admin
status. This will be an issue for web applications, where frequent moving
around is the norm.

Any comments, ideas, or proposals?


 Paul Jordan

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