RE [ic] New Starter SOLVED (Well a workaround at least)

ic at ic at
Mon Aug 21 10:20:39 EDT 2006

Michael Curtis writes:
> Solution was to: 
> Export locale.txt in Excel spreadsheet and make the additions
> Save locale.xls as tab delimited to local drive
> Import said file (it will fail but will save the file to 'upload'
> directory) via UI
> Rename .locale.db to .locale.db.old
> Copy across uploaded locale.??? To locale.txt
> Restart IC

* add column to locale.txt
* restart IC
* use UI to upload new locale file 

Should do the trick aswell ... 

> The import/export function via UI, does not work in the way I think it
> should.............or am I doing it wrong?

Depends on your expectations. If you expect that the admin will 
automatically handle new columns in your upload then yes it is not working 
according to your expectations. However it would be very scary if the admin 
would decided to start adding table columns just with an upload .. Imagine 
you were uploading the wrong file and in one go would destroy your database 
model ... 

Or do you mean something else? 



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