[ic] Meta DB Lookup - Please help!

Martin Houle martin at nest-solutions.com
Thu Aug 31 21:23:30 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I know I got some hints about this already, but they 
didn't help me find the solution. Maybe I didn't express 
myself correctly.

In the product field meta DB lookup page, there seems to 
be 3 fields that are necessary for external lookup.

Lookup select
Field for lookup
Lookup table

I made a table called suppliers with the following colunms:
code	manufacturer	manufcode	address1	address2 etc...
0001	toolmaker	tm	645 Boul.	Door 1	etc...
0002	steelseller	ss	22 Road X	Gate 6	etc...

I'd like to see all my manufacturers in my product field select:

Seems logic to set my meta db lookup like this:

Lookup table: suppliers
Lookup select: manufacturer,manufcode

to get: SELECT manufacturer,manufcode FROM suppliers ORDER BY

The only time I get something in my error log is when I give:

Lookup table: suppliers
Lookup select: suppliers::manufacturer

because I end up with:
SELECT suppliers::manufacturer FROM suppliers ORDER BY
which doesn't work...

*** My question is, do I need to use "Field for lookup" as the criteria
from the 
"products" table to lookup my options? I just want ALL rows to be
returned for 
the columns I specify in my query, so I get the whole list of
"suppliers" in 
my select boxes.

Sorry if this is long to read, I don't know how to make it shorter!

Thanks in advance.

Martin Houle
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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