[ic] removing .../cgi-bin/catname/... from URLs

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Wed Dec 13 20:49:32 EST 2006

>> Now I've set up another machine and another store, but on this new one
>> [page home]home</a>
>> sends me to
>> http://domain2.com/cgi-bin/catname/home.html
>> I can't for the life of me remember how I got the simplified urls to be
>> the default. I have the rewrite rules in place on the new store, but
>> what's the magic I need to have IC use the simpler URLs by default? Can
>> anyone jog my memory?
> In your interchange.cfg Catalog definition, the last path prefix alias is 
> the one that will be used for writing URLs. E.g.:
>    Catalog  mycat  /home/someuser/catalogs/mycat  /cgi-bin/mycat  /
> [area home] -> http://domain2.com/home.html
> Whereas:
>    Catalog  mycat  /home/someuser/catalogs/mycat  /  /cgi-bin/mycat
> [area home] -> http://domain2.com/cgi-bin/mycat/home.html
> Jon

Hi - I've verified that Catalog definition indeed has the format:

Catalog  mycat  /home/someuser/catalogs/mycat  /cgi-bin/mycat  /

yet IC is still including the .../cgi-bin/mycat/... in the URLs. I
restarted IC just for kicks yet still no luck. Can you suggest a way to

I've noticed that the misbehaving store has a CGI_URL defined in the
Prefernces tab of the Admin GUI, but the behaving store does not. Could
this be the cause?


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