[ic] Image Upload / Imagehelper Widget

Cameron B. Prince cplists at princeservices.com
Wed Dec 20 16:33:51 EST 2006

Hey Jon,

> I wonder if there is now a post-filter on that field in the metadata,
> stripping out the space. I thought I had seen some imagehelper setups that
> had a blank filename as the first entry, but apparently you're not getting
> that. Sorry I don't have more to suggest.

Thanks for replying... I checked the meta and there are no filters defined
for the field. This is in the client's catalog and also on the demo site.
It's really weird. What's happening is almost like some javascript function
is disabling the whole form. Even if you switch to the General tab, the Ok
button does nothing after putting a space in the image field. 

You know, Mike and I worked on what we called the "Ultimate Image Widget"
back when he and I were working on the Red Hat store together. It was
basically a combination of the imagelisting and imagehelper widgets that
allowed you to either select an existing image or use a file input to upload
a new one. I wonder whatever happened to this. I believe I recall seeing it
mentioned in a WHATSNEW file some time ago so I don't think I dreamed the
whole thing.

I may try to resurrect this for the client and it would probably be helpful
to check it into the source.


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