[ic] Unable to send mail using Net::SMTP IC 5.4 [solved]

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Feb 10 22:54:42 EST 2006

On 02/10/2006 06:51 PM, drtester at netzero.com wrote:
> General question to the gurus:
> Will 5.4 be updated with this fix (and other fixes, such as the high
> traffic problem discussed last month)?  I'm waiting to deploy a new
> IC box until some of these are fixed.
> If so, will the fix be in an official release, or at least a CVS
> version?

I can't speak directly for the IC developers, but I can tell you that my 
patch is more of a stop-gap solution just to make it work for now.  It's 
not intended as a final solution to the problem.

The main problem is that there are three different tags in IC for 
sending email out, all three tags use different code to accomplish more 
or less the same thing.  My patch just fixes one of those three tags to 
just work, but the real proper solution that will likely be incorporated 
into the IC code base will fix all three tags to use the same block of 
code, will probably depreciate two of those three tags (we only really 
need one with options which would allow it to work slightly differently 
like the other two) and will incorporate other minor fixes and code cleanup.

Go back and follow the entire message thread from this email 
and you will see a full discussion between Mike and myself on what 
really needs to be done.


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