[ic] Newbie help - Filters - [solved]

Mark Halliday bmhtdev at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 12 04:42:04 EST 2006

--- Gert van der Spoel <ic at 3edge.com> wrote:

> [filter op=pound2gbp interpolate=1][total-cost][/filter] 
Having done some more research, I came to this syntax as well which
works! So for the benefit of others the full solution (for rpm based

Save the following filter as:

CodeDef pound2gbp Filter
CodeDef pound2gbp Routine <<EOR
sub {
        my $val = shift;

        $val =~ s/&pound;\s*/GBP /g;
        return $val;

Then use the following syntax in mail_receipt:

For items: [item-filter pound2gbp][item-price][/item-filter]
For totals: [filter op=pound2gbp interpolate=1][salestax][/filter]

Thanks to everyone for their help


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