[ic] Googlebot woes (yeah I know, same old...)

Mark Bryant mark at eros-shop.co.uk
Mon Feb 13 11:52:58 EST 2006

Hi Everyone,

I'm experiencing problems with googlebot hammering my catalog because 
of the daft way it doesn't remove/ignore obvious session ids in URLs 
it follows.

Writing to the coders that look after it (who allegedly offer to help 
you if the bot's being a pain in the butt) gets you nowhere at all. I 
waited over 4 weeks for a response and the advice I got from them was 
to look at a page on removing session ids in phpbb forums - not very 
helpful if they can't even identify the product I'm using when it's 
something as widely used as IC :(

Anyway whinging that googlebot's support useless aside, I realise 
this is a non-issue in the latest versions of IC that are available, 
but I'm running a partially customised IC 4.8.7 (which means 
upgrading to the latest IC isn't really an option) and wondered if 
anyone could offer guidance for finding a way to add/patch in the 
RobotUA/RobotIP functions that seemed to first appear in 4.9 to 4.8.7?

I've looked for patches/code via google and the icdev web site, but 
not turned up anything I could use. Am I looking to do something that 
simply isn't possible with 4.8.7?

Many thanks in advance


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