[ic] SQL Price Rounding Problem

Cameron B. Prince cplists at princeservices.com
Sat Feb 18 17:03:08 EST 2006

Hey guys,

I recently moved a customer over and shortly after was informed of a problem
where all the product prices had the cents stripped off. A price in the
products.txt of 17.99 was showing up in MySQL as 17.00.

This is IC v4.8.5, MySQL v4.1.16, perl v5.6.2 and the latest DBI and

I reimported the table several times and verified this was happening each
time. I did a describe on the table and found that the price column had not
been modified from the default foundation catalog:

| price         | decimal(12,2) |      | MUL | 0.00    |       |

To further test, I setup a standard catalog using IC v5.4.0 and copied the
products.txt file over and imported it. I had the same problem.

So I begin troubleshooting by dropping the product rows from 29,000+ to
1,000. I still had the same problem. I edited the
dbconf/mysql/products.mysql file and removed:

Database  products  NUMERIC      price

Once I imported again, the prices were correct. Just as a sanity check, I
put the line back in the dbconf file and imported again. The problem
reoccurred. There appears to be a bug in the import function.

I recall seeing code in the admin pages or source in the past that used the
NUMERIC directive to control sorting I believe. Are there any other
ramifications I should be aware of by removing it from the dbconf file?


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