[ic] IC 4.8.9->5.2 upgrade snafus

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Jan 25 16:01:10 EST 2006

>>I'm not too sure about the above errors, but I noticed many new 
>>database fields in the new catalog files. Some of these fields were 
>>also type cast different. I went through each file, and added these 
>>new fields to my existing database (mysql) structures - and now 
>>have a working catalog.
>Ugh.  But if it needs to be done...
>Do you have a list of the changes you made?

Sorry, I don't... I just compared them table by table...

Actually, I installed IC 5.4 with all demo data, got it working 
properly, then modified my existing Mysql data files with the new 
fields (Also double checked the type) and then pointed IC to my 
Existing database table (backup copy).
I then copied my static files, and images etc... I have a little 
custom code in flypage etc.... The upgrade has been straight forward 
- just a little time comsuming.
I also had to reset the options field for them to work correctly.
IC 5.4 uses a slightly different options structure - we use simple 
options so I forced the option_type to equal Simple for the items in 
our existing database with simple options - not sure what you would 
do with complex ...

Check this month's archive for a few of the issues I had - there 
might be a few useful comments - mostly talking to myself.... :)


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