[ic] Re: IC 4.8.9->5.2 upgrade snafus

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Mon Jan 30 11:43:25 EST 2006

At 03:58 PM 1/27/2006, you wrote:
>Kris Deugau wrote:
>>3)  The customer had set the store subsections menu 
>>(category_vertical) on the left-hand side of their page to be 
>>cached, and regenerated once per day.  Somewhere along the line, 
>>the settings the customer has used to cause this seem to be getting 
>>ignored or misinterpreted.

I never generated the left menu on demand(category_vertical), but I 
did use it on many of my hand created web pages.
In order to re-enable this menu in the new catalog, I just copied the 
file products_tree in the /templates/components directory and called 
it catalog_vertical and the menus reappeared throughout the web site. 
This was much quicker than hand editing each page - guess I need to 
get away form using hand-made web pages...lol

The Products.txt which you create through the Admin UI menus feature 
is stored in the /include/menus

Maybe someone on the list has created a way to automatically generate 
this file from some usertag?

Steve Graham 

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