[ic] Initializing last_search session variable

Jeff Boes jeff at endpoint.com
Tue Jul 18 15:14:23 EDT 2006

I would like to be able to access the session variable "last_search", but it appears that it is not initialized until and unless I click on a "more" link on my search results page.

For instance, I have links that run some canned searches and display a subset of the results with the usual "Prev 1 2 3 Next" style of pagination links. At this point, $Session->{last_search} is undefined. However, as soon as I click any of the page numbers or the "Next" link, last_search is defined.

I've dug around in Vend::Scan enough to know that it initializes "last_search" via "create_last_search", but I'm not able to tell why this doesn't happen until after you have "more'd" your way through the search results at least once, or how to make this happen before that.

Jeffery Boes  <><
jeff at endpoint.com

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