[ic] How do I include a product count for menus

Tim Good tim.g at edsd.com
Thu Jul 27 13:10:01 EDT 2006

I would like to use the flyout menu and have the count of 
Products within parentheses next to each main category.
For example: Dairy Products (5)

I have a component written which achieves this:

[page href="search" 
ry&to=x&tf=auctionend&to=x"]Dairy Products</a> <font
color="#191970"> ( [category-count category="Dairy
Products"] )</font>

The category-count tag is my doing with the query below in
But I would like to have this feature be dynamic and within
The flyout menu. If I could merely add [query sql="select
count(sku) from products where ended = 0"][/query]
To somewhere in the in the menu code or menu component I
would be rock'n.

Any ideas?

Tim Good

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