[ic] Detecting a secure page

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sat Jun 10 19:52:38 EDT 2006

Grant <emailgrant at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't know why but none of the
> following work for me to detect a secure page:
> [is-secure]
> [if session shost]
It would be interesting to know which setups prevent the global
$CGI::secure from being set.  That variable is used by various parts
of the Interchange core which would not function as designed/expected
if the $CGI::secure variable is not set correctly.

By the way, $CGI::secure is set from the value of the "HTTPS" environment
variable (HTTP request environment - not the shell environment).

You should be able to see the HTTPS variable if you put [env] on a test
page and call it using a https URI.  You should also be able to see 1
or 0 returned from my [is-secure] tag, if it's all working as expected.

Perhaps there's a "problem" with later Apache versions.  Has the name
of the "HTTPS" environment variable changed recently?  I hope not, but
we can deal with it easily enough if it has.  I always use Apache 1.3
and mod_interchange, and it all still works for me.  Some version
numbers and link program types would be useful from posters to this

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