[ic] search engine indexing scan/ MM=0f73bb47ac44f4e422.....

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Mon Jun 19 09:45:47 EDT 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Steve Graham wrote:

> Anyhow, for now, this is solved by setting a couple of flags, as mentioned 
> previously in the thread.
> at the top of advancedsearch.html
> [tmp matchlimit]50[/tmp]
> [if mv_tmp_session]
> [tmp matchlimit]10000[/tmp]
> [/if]

I don't think the above can work. That should be:

     [if cgi mv_tmp_session]

It's always wise to test your code too, pretending to be a search engine, 
to see how it's working. For example, to emulate Google:

     GET -H 'User-agent: Googlebot/1.0' $your_url


     wget -O - --header 'User-agent: Googlebot/1.0' $your_url


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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