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Donnie MeredithPaulsonha at samerica.com
Fri Jun 23 13:00:56 EDT 2006

Experience Based Diploma

Fas t T rack De gree Pr ogram

Obtain the degr ee you deserve, based on your present knowledge and life
experience. A prosperous future, money earning power, and the Admiration of all.

De grees from an Established, Prest igious, Leading Institution.
Your deg ree will show exactly what you really can do.

Get the Job, Promotion, Business Opportunity and Social Advancement you Desire!
Eliminates classrooms and traveling.

Achieve your Bachelor s, Mast ers, M BA, or Ph D
in the field of your expertise.

Professional and affordable! Call now - your Gradua tion is a phone call away.

Please call:
 1-215-689-737 9 
Calls returned promptly

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