[ic] Perl and Threading

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Tue Jun 27 11:30:38 EDT 2006

Kevin Walsh wrote:
> "Henry Hartley" <henryhartley at westat.com> wrote:
>> The benefits to using the default Perl, while also modest, are that a
>> machine can be set up and maintained that much more easily.  Either way,
>> it's not going to be a deal breaker.  In my opinion, having the choice
>> is a Good Thing (TM).  If I spent the time to get used to Gentoo, it
>> would probably be worth the effort but I've been doing things "The Red
>> Hat Way" for so long, it's hard to switch.
> All of my machines run Gentoo.  Gentoo is one of the only major distros
> that supplies an unthreaded Perl unless you instruct it otherwise.  You
> get a lot of control over the way things are built and installed with
> Gentoo.
> Ok, ok.  I'll stop banging that drum now. :-)

http://funroll-loops.org :-)

Seriously though, we now have 5 entirely dedicated servers, 4 of which
have ran gentoo for over a year and we have had no problems.  Originally
we ran interchange over NFS and it seemed ok for a while, however if
your NFS server died you ended up in a pit of woe, and interchange did
crash occasionally when all of the page servers had problems creating
new sessions on the NFS mount (or so I could fathom). 

So I chucked everything into a subversion repository and the servers
update their working copies from that. The database server is now the
weakest link!


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