[ic] Frustrates Interchange user (newby)

Cliff Browning RCliff at tagalong.net
Thu Mar 16 01:35:07 EST 2006

I have three immediate problems  - after they are solved there will probably 
be more that I can't even get to.

1. I updated the "Index.html" saved and published . The changes never show 
up - the tutorial script continues to show on the first page.  I checked the 
index .html file and all is like I changed  - it just doesn't update.

2. basically the same problem - updating - I uploaded my product.txt file - 
it worked fine first time.. Found some errors so I re did the file and 
uploaded it again. The left page menu never updated it still tries to find 
the old data which is non-existent - now I have no link to the other pages..

3.  Along a similar line..  Can not get the pages to link to the thumbnail 
files.   At one time I found the path for the thumbnails but have not been 
able to find that page again  - have the regular images doing fine.

I am about ready to trash Interchange I can't find any thing to document how 
to fix these problems and it just isn't working for me. 

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