[ic] Receipt.html and URL Parameters

Daniel Collis-Puro dan at endpoint.com
Wed Mar 22 10:00:03 EST 2006


>. but I can't see a subsequent followup in the archives. I'm now in exactly
>the same situation, so does anyone have any suggestions how I can achieve,
>or workaround, this?
You could set a variable in scratch space on receipt.html that changes
how the javascript is output, making it spit out whatever "conversion
code" it needs to output for the tracking software.

On receipt.html, following a successful order:

[tmp successful_order]1[/tmp]

Where ever the javascript lives:

[tmp user_ordered][scratchd successful_order][/tmp]
[if scratch user_ordered]
Javascript to tell the tracking software that an order was placed.
normal javascript tracking code



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