[ic] Printing Documentation

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Fri Mar 24 12:44:23 EST 2006

Okay, I know this is sort of nit-picking so if everyone ignores me, I
suppose I won't worry about it.  When I print out any of the
documentation, the document title and section headings don't print.
Well, that's not technically true.  They print but they print in white
on white which sort of comes to the same thing.  I know the CSS file
that is used creates a handsome document on screen but I actually print
documents out now and then.  Not having the headings is an annoyance.

I downloaded the tarball of documents and made a few changes to the css
file so I can print them fine.  I suggest, though, that the master be
changed or at least an alternative for media=print be created and
included so the headings don't disappear when printing.  Thanks.

Henry Hartley

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