[ic] "Could not lock file" Error

Andrew Baltino augustine.andrew at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 23:43:51 EST 2006


I am receiving some odd errors on one of my catalogs.  My basket page
has checkboxes next to the cart item that if checked remove the item
from the cart ad refresh the page.  When on the basket page if I
remove more than one item at a time (the cart is set to refresh each
time an item is checked off to be removed) I get 500 Internal Server
Error.  The error log has the following:

"/cgi-bin/test_cat/process.html Runtime error: Could not lock file:
Interrupted system call"

The reason I post this is because I have no idea where to start.  I
hunted the archives a bit and the only thing I can find is a possible
PERL compatibility issue with the old verison if IC I use.  I
therefore have a local version of perl 5.6 that I have installed - do
I just reference this local version in the ~/interchange/bin/* files?

I am running Interchange 4.8.6 and PERL 5.8

Any thoughts on where my error may be coming from?

Thank you.


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